Railo 4.2 Reference
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Function HASH

Converts a variable-length string to a 32-byte, hexadecimal
string, using the MD5 algorithm. (It is not possible to convert
the hash result back to the source string.)
32-byte, hexadecimal string


hash(any input,[string algorithm,[string encoding,[number numIterations]]]):string


The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Description
input any  Yes String to hash.  
algorithm string  No The algorithm to use to hash the string. Supported are the following algorithms:
  • QUICK: generating a fast hash string, that provides no security. this algorithm is good when you simply need to shorten a string for an id, for example
  • CFMX_COMPAT: generating a hash string using classic CFML algorithm.
  • MD5: (default) Generates a 32-character, hexadecimal string, using the MD5 algorithm.
  • SHA: Generates a 28-character string using the Secure Hash Standard SHA-1 algorithm specified by Nation Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS-180-2.
  • SHA-256: Generates a 44-character string using the SHA-256 algorithm specified by FIPS-180-2.
  • SHA-384: Generates a 64-character string using the SHA-384 algorithm specified by FIPS-180-2.
  • SHA-512: Generates an 88-character string using the SHA-1 algorithm specified by FIPS-180-2.  
  • encoding string  No A string specifying the encoding to use when converting
    the string to byte data used by the hash algorithm.  
    numIterations number  No number of iterations; default is 1.