Railo 4.2 Reference
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Creates a JavaScript expression that assigns the value of a variable to a JavaScript variable.
      This function can convert strings, numbers, arrays, structures, and queries to JavaScript syntax that defines equivalent variables and values.


toscript(any cfvar,string javascriptvar,[boolean outputformat,[boolean ASFormat]]):string


The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Description
cfvar any  Yes A variable.  
javascriptvar string  Yes A string that specifies the name of the JavaScript variable
that the ToScript function creates.  
outputformat boolean  No A Boolean value that determines whether to create
WDDX (JavaScript) or ActionScript style output for
structures and queries.
Default: true  
ASFormat boolean  No A Boolean value that specifies whether to use
ActionScript shortcuts in the script.
Default: false