Railo 4.2 Reference
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Defines the MIME type returned by the current page. Optionally, lets you specify the name of a file to be returned with the page.


This tag may have a body.



This tag is also supported within cfscript
		[variable="any"] {



The attributes for this tag are fixed. Except for the following attributes no other attributes are allowed.
Name Type Required Description
content binary No This Attribute is deprecated 
deletefile boolean No Yes or No. Yes deletes the file after the download operation. Defaults to No.
This attribute applies only if you specify a file with the file attribute. 
file string No The name of the file being retrieved 
range boolean No Yes or No. Yes allows download ranges, no forbids download range, default let it open for client. 
reset boolean No Yes or No. Yes discards output that precedes the call to cfcontent. No preserves the output that precedes the call. Defaults to Yes. The reset
and file attributes are mutually exclusive. If you specify a file, the reset attribute has no effect. 
type string No Defines the File/ MIME content type returned by the current page. 
variable any No the variable name to the content to output as binary