Railo 4.2 Reference
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Provides additional information for the cfpdf tag. The cfpdfparam tag applies only to the merge action of the cfpdf tag and is always a child tag of the cfpdf tag.


This tag can't have a body.


This tag is also supported within cfscript


The attributes for this tag are fixed. Except for the following attributes no other attributes are allowed.
Name Type Required Description
pages string No age or pages of the PDF source file to merge. You can specify a range of pages, for example, "1-5 ", or a comma-separated list of pages, for example, "1-5,9-10,18". 
password string No User or owner password, if the source PDF file is password-protected. 
source any Yes Source PDF file to merge. You can specify a PDF variable, a cfdocument variable, or the pathname to a file.