Railo 4.2 Reference
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Used inside cfform, cfslider lets you place a slider control in a CFML form. A slider control is like a sliding volume control. The slider groove is the area over which the slider moves.


This tag can't have a body.




The attributes for this tag are fixed. Except for the following attributes no other attributes are allowed.
Name Type Required Description
align string No Alignment value. 
bgcolor string No Background color of slider label. See textColor for color options. 
bold boolean No Enter Yes for bold label text, No for medium text. Default is No. 
font string No Font name for label text. 
fontsize number No Font size for label text measured in points. 
height number No Height of the slider control, in pixels. 
hspace number No Horizontal margin spacing to the left and right of slider control, in pixels. 
italic boolean No Yes for italicized label text, No for normal text. Default is No. 
label string No A label that displays with the slider control. 
lookandfeel string No A stylistic choice for the slider. 
message string No Message text to appear if validation fails. 
name string Yes A name for the cfslider control. 
notsupported string No The text to display if a page containing a Java applet-based cfform control is opened by a
browser that does not support Java or has Java support disabled. 
onerror string No The name of a valid JavaScript function to execute in the event of a failed validation. 
onvalidate string No The name of a valid JavaScript function used to validate user input; in this case,
a change to the default slider value. 
range string No The values of the left and right slider range. The slider value displays as the slider is moved.
Separate values by a comma. 
refreshlabel boolean No Yes or No. If Yes, the label is not refreshed when the slider is moved. Default is Yes. 
scale number No Unsigned integer. Defines the slider scale within the value of range. 
textcolor string No Slider label text color. Valid entries are: black, magenta,
cyan, orange, darkgray, pink, gray, white, lightgray, yellow. 
tickmarkimages string No image used for tickmarks 
tickmarklabels string No label used for tickmarks 
tickmarkmajor boolean No Yes to render major tickmarks in the slider scale. 
tickmarkminor boolean No Yes to render minor tickmarks in the slider scale. 
value number No The starting slider setting. Must be within the values specified in range. Defaults to the
minimum value specified in range. 
vertical boolean No Yes renders the slider in the browser vertically. No renders the slider horizontally.
This is the default. 
vspace number No Vertical margin spacing above and below slider control, in pixels. 
width number No Width of the slider control, in pixels.