Railo 4.2 Reference
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This Tag is deprecated
Lets you place a single-line text entry box in a cfform. The tag also gives you control over font characteristics.


This tag can't have a body.




The attributes for this tag are fixed. Except for the following attributes no other attributes are allowed.
Name Type Required Description
align string No Alignment value. 
bgcolor string No Background color of the control. 
bold boolean No Yes for boldface text, No for medium text. Default is No. 
font string No Font name for text. 
fontsize number No Font size for text. 
height number No Height value of the control, in pixels. 
hspace number No Horizontal spacing of the control, in pixels. 
italic boolean No Yes for italicized text, No for normal text. Default is No. 
maxlength number No The maximum length of text entered. 
message string No Message text to display if validation fails. 
name string Yes A name for the cftextinput control. 
notsupported string No The text to display if the page containing a Java applet-based
cfform control is opened by a browser that does not support Java or has Java support disabled. 
onerror string No Name of a JavaScript function to execute in the event of a failed validation. 
onvalidate string No The name of a JavaScript function used to validate user input. The form object, input object,
and input object value are passed to the routine, which should return TRUE if validation succeeds and
FALSE otherwise. When used, the validate attribute is ignored. 
range string No Minimum value, maximum value range, separated by a comma. Valid only for numeric data. 
required boolean No Yes or No. If Yes, the user must enter or change text. Default is No. 
size number No Number of characters displayed before horizontal scroll bar displays. 
textcolor string No Text color for the control. See bgColor for color options. 
validate boolean No date: verifies format mm/dd/yy.
eurodate: verifies date format dd/mm/yyyy.
time: verifies time format hh:mm:ss.
float: verifies floating point format.
integer: verifies integer format.
telephone: verifies telephone format ###-###-####. The
separator can be a blank. Area code and exchange must
begin with digit 1 - 9.
zipcode: verifies, in U.S. formats only, 5- or 9-digit
format #####-####. The separator can be a blank.
creditcard: strips blanks and dashes; verifies number using
mod10 algorithm. Number must have 13-16 digits.
social_security_number: verifies format ###-##-####. The
separator can be a blank.
regular_expression: matches input against pattern
value string No Initial value that displays in the text control. 
vspace number No Vertical spacing of the control, in pixels. 
width number No Width value of the control, in pixels.