Railo 4.2 Reference
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play a video


This tag can't have a body.




The attributes for this tag are fixed. Except for the following attributes no other attributes are allowed.
Name Type Required Description
author string No Name of the author. 
flash string No Path to the SWF file. Can be a URL or local file. 
image string No This is just an alias for the attribute preview. 
index number No Layer in which the video is displayed. (not supported yet) 
link string No Displays a tiny image and allows linking to any target. (HTML link, Ajax etc.) 
preview string No Path to a preview image for playlist and main video display. Can be URL or local file. 
show string No Defines whether the video should be displayed or not. 
title string No Title of the video. Displayed in the playlist as the title. 
video string No Path to the FLV file. Can be a URL or local file.